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From the ALPHA with no OMEGA
the story...

In February 1999 Tenize, pronounced Ten Eyes, originated with the 10 eyes of the founding five members (Curtis, Jamont, Eggman, Monie, and India). Our original plan was to create a public access TV show called TENIZE TV. It was inspired by Video Music Box, The Ron Alexander Show, Entertainment Vibes, and many more. We bought our first camera in March 1999. The first air date for Tenize TV was born on June 2, 1999 in Newburgh, New York. We started videotaping dance parties, fashion shows, interviews, community events, and hip hop freestyles.

Tenize TV first aired in the Bronx (our biggest fan base) in September 1999. Our show spread throughout NYC. With our growth & expansion, Cure was able to branch out, and create an Erotic/Exotic spin off series called Mission TV. Then in 2000, the format of the main show Tenize TV started to include TV Studio musical performances. This format became a major part of our show format and production. Musical performances allowed Tenize TV to dabble in club and party promotion. Talent Search 2000 thus was born, and became the main part of our TV show (before American Idol). During this time period Underground Music Videos were implemented into rotation on Tenize TV.

In 2001 and 2002, we continued to promote our own TV showcases in clubs, and of course the TV studio. Our showcases were called "Tenize Hip Hop meets Soul TV showcase". 

Throughout the years we have executive produced two TV shows, co-produced numerous TV show productions, promoted and advised many musical artists, our shows have played in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Upstate, New York. 

From now on and beyond tomorrow, we are 10 Eyes TV. Our goal is to publish the website 10EYESTV.COM, provide professional videography, photography, video editing services, and of course" give the people what they want". To all our fans and supporters remember control your own destiny each one teach one!

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