Videography - Video promo specialist - Online mobile video

Video promo specials...
for store front and online businesses

Business video promos could range between 5 and 30 minutes. Depending on the business promos may include menus, flyers, store specials, store icons or tags, as well as social media connections.  Store interviews and skits may be a part of the promo. Holiday and seasonal themes could be represented in the video as well.  Our promos are customized to every business need.

Video promos may be set up as a one time installment.  Bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly installment plans are available as well.  We will provide the media device used to play your promo video in a rotating continuous manner on screen.

TV or computer screen is NOT included in our promo plan.

Video and Editing packages (combo)
available throughout the NYC tri-state region

Platinum Video & Editing Plan

(Great for documentaries & weddings)

Gold Video & Editing Plan
(Great for commercials & video promos)

Silver Video & Editing Plan
(Great for social media video promos)

Video plans MAY include:
1. One to Two (2) professional HD video cameras.
2. HD professional video editing services.
3. Finished product formatted into flash drives, SD cards, etc. 
4. Up to three locations for video shoot available.
5. Call or eMail us for a customized plan and pricing.

Editing and Upgrading packages
available worldwide

Platinum Edit Plan
(Great for documentaries & over 60 mins of raw footage)

Gold Edit Plan
(Great for video promos & up to 60 mins of raw footage)

Silver Edit Plan
(Great for Instagram videos & up 20 mins of raw footage)

Video plans may include:
1. Editing services are completed in High Definition.
2. A finished product may be formatted into flash drives, SD cards, YouTube.
3. We accept most video formats and files. 
4. Editing services include photos and slideshow movies.
5. Upgrading and duplicating videos may be priced by the hour.
6. Call or eMail us for a customized plan and pricing.